RAIN for many Farmers in SA, VIC , NSW and QLD 7th -11th Nov 2013

ACCESS suggesting some moisture advecting from the WA trough over SA and northern VIC Thursday the 7th Nov and intensifies into a broader area as the band approaches the east coast into Friday and Saturday (8thand 9th)
. A tropical dip into sth QLD and mid NSW combines some Coral sea moisture with the incoming trough to give it greater intensity . Also some moisture advecting southward from the NT moisture into NSW.
Much of NSW likely to benefit from the rain including hopefully rain to put out some fires.
Eastern quadrant of VIC also looks good for some higher totals

7th-9thnov rain  event Australia



3 comments on “RAIN for many Farmers in SA, VIC , NSW and QLD 7th -11th Nov 2013

  1. ACCESS G extending the wet event to include many areas of QLD. (+150hrsforecast) 10th Nov 2013

    A nice soaking for the s/east QLD and North east NSW in this forecast below

    10th nov acess rain forecast qld

    EC forecast for the 10th November 2013

    EC forecast 10th nov 2013

  2. ACCESS G indicating the trough is intensifying and lingering on the east coast even into Monday the 11th NOV 2013
    The trough forms a secondary low on the QLD /NSW inland border and currently is forecast to drop south toward south NSW and eastern VIC on Sunday and into Monday the 11th NOV2013
    11thg nov 2013 storms and rain sth east qld


    Reading the weatherzone forum
    Follow the Sth east qld / Nth east NSW storm event from this link

    for areas of QLD and NSW ,this is likely to be a severe weather event for flash flooding and storms.

    KEN KATO on the forum thread above posts a thunderstorm script of the possibility for severe storms for this event
    severe storms 10th Nov 2013 NSW and QLD

  3. EVENT COMMENCES…..South Australia goes first

    Here is the next 4 days rain forecast from 6th -9th of Nov

    rain nov 2013 south Australia and vic

    Some good total for the southern SA and VIC coastline 25mm
    Possibility of near 50mm near Geelong/Otways and east Gippsland from this WATL forecast..
    On the satellite picture tonight there is some N/west infeed from WA looking to combine with some colder air from the Bight
    The BOM synoptic indicating a tropical dip of low pressure and troughing dropping well into NSW and VIC by FRIDAY

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