31st Oct _1st and 2nd Nov 2013 ……….Rain Event for mid coast and inland Queensland

ACCESS G suggesting some substantial falls of rain for the coastal region between Rockhampton and Mackay and inland parts such as Emerald commencing around Thursday the 31st Oct and intensifying on Friday the 1st November.

1stNov rain low for inland qld

The rain contracts northward on Saturday towards Nth coastal QLD .. Saturday the 2nd Nov

Looks like some low pressure troughing dipping down from the tropics with moisture from the coral sea

1km Gradient winds are indicating an embedded low developing inland from Emerald region within a trough west of the coast

This low intensifies thursdsay midnight with increasing winds and intensifying low
On Friday the low has shifted to inland QLD .
Saturday the low shifts North west and weakens near the gulf of Carpentaria

Most of the rain appears to be on the eastern flank of the low where the moist in-feed arrives from the warm Coral sea

I will post the gradient wind stream tomorrow which shows this strong sub-tropical low activity forming over the inland parts of QLD!!


3 comments on “31st Oct _1st and 2nd Nov 2013 ……….Rain Event for mid coast and inland Queensland

  1. ‘RainRunner’ forum member on weatherzone has posted the ECMWF models take on this event

    A nice thread to follow this event here

    I think this map for Friday the 1st Nov 2013 that’ rainrunner’ has posted gives strong support for the significance of this event

    ecmwf forecast1st nov 2013

    Here is a link to one of ‘rain runners’ weatherlink weather station at Mount Julian ..Whitsundays

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