Long Trough for Eastern Australia ……. 28th _29th Oct 2013

The Surface synoptic is indicating quite substantial areas of low pressure across the Australian mainland this coming weak
Not all the low pressure delivering rain but

Quite a significant rain bearing trough for Eastern Australia around the 28th and 29th of October 2013

A nice n/west in-feed from Darwin/Pilbara across the eastern interior . The eastern seaboard is likely to see this rain band approaching from the west with embedded thunderstorms

28th oct2013 synoptic australia



6 comments on “Long Trough for Eastern Australia ……. 28th _29th Oct 2013


    The State Emergency Service (SES) NSW has received 280 calls for assistance since the wild weather began
    SES spokeswoman Sue Pritchard said the jobs had mainly been for fallen trees and roof damage in the Sydney metropolitan area, Central Coast, Mid-North Coast and Northern Beaches.

    Woman struck by lightning

  2. News reports of Hail storm at Port Macquarie October 2013

    THREE-centimetre hailstones had Port Macquarie residents ducking for cover as a couple of big storms hit on Tuesday afternoon.

    Port was drenched by 6mm of rain in 10 minutes at 2pm, and the hailstones had people rushing to get their cars under cover in time.

    The temperature plummeted from 26 degrees Celsius at 12.30pm to 18 by 1.15pm before the rain and hail came bucketing down.

    Wind gusts of 72km/h were recorded at 1.15pm.

    “The first one was pretty significant,” he said.

    There was also plenty of lightning around. Mr Sharpe said about 20,000 lightning strikes were recorded across NSW.

    Port wasn’t the only NSW centre to cop the wild weather yesterday. Newcastle received 14mm in just 10 minutes.

    The hail has caused most of the problems,” Ashley Bell from the SES said. “We’ve got a lot of people telling us they’ve got roof damage and skylights smashed.”

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