20th-23rd Oct 2013 Rain Bearing Trough

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20th-23rd oct 2013 rain bearing trough

On Sunday 20th OCT 2013

A large broad trough over much of inland WA commences to in-feed some moisture from the N/west and top end of Australia
The trough deepens and a closed low forms over South Australia

On Monday the 21st Oct 2013

A N/west, South/east rainband can be seen stretching across the continent from Darwin to Sydney
giving rain top many isolated inland regions in east SA and west and southern NSW.

On Wednesday the 23rd of OCT

the tropical troughing drops south over south eastern mainland giving heavy rain to many parts of NSW and VIC

(caveat: if all goes to plan according to a forecast at T+150hrs)

Also of note is

a strong tropical low developing in the coral sea north east of the islands

I will update and report on this event in the comments section of this thread
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5 comments on “20th-23rd Oct 2013 Rain Bearing Trough

  1. ACCESS G has the rain event starting in Victoria on

    Monday afternoon ..21st OCT 2013

    in the west and south/west of Victoria
    Monday midnight ..the rain band moves across pretty much the rest of state.

    ACCESS identifies a few hot spots for heavier rain and could be thunderstorm spots. In particular Mallee, Nth central and Northern districts at tonight forecast at t+45hrs

    Tuesday 22nd OCT 2013 around 11am

    A closed low forms over s/western NSW and the rain intensifies across just about all of the state. with a hot spot of 20mm in 3 hrs near the Mallee
    By tuesday 5pm. The rain has spread very broadly to include just about all of NSW and VIC and eastern SA
    Tuesday midnight the low and trough is drifting eastward and rain shifting with it

    Wednesday the 23rd Oct around 5am

    the closed low has strengthened on approaching to coast off southern coast of NSW
    Some good rain for many inland parts of NSW. The rainband moves eastward slowly all day toward the coast of NSW and has vacated the mainland by late Wednesday evening

    Thursday the 24th Oct

    Looks like a cold front brings some cold showers and instability to the southern VIC coast and cold south westerlies for the southern VIC coast as a follow up to this wet low.
    The 544 thickness line crosses VIC and the 532 line crosses Tasmania for some more low level snow and likely snow for the Vic alps


  2. Distinctly noticed the rise in humidity here today with sweaty brows whist gardening
    Thought it would be interesting to see how this in-feed of moisture is priming the surface atmosphere in Victoria
    Dew points for selected areas of Victoria
    Mildura 8.6 deg C and has risen since 1pm
    Horsham 13 deg c at 9.30pm. The highest today was a healthy 15.8 deg c at 4pm !!
    Nice to see the surface atmosphere priming
    Portland 9.4 deg c and highest btoday was 11.2 deg c at 3pm
    Melbourne airport currently 10.1 deg c dew point and highest today was 13.3 degt c at 12.30pm
    Kyabram dew point rapidly increasing. Is curently 15 .3 deg c and has been steadily rising all day
    Albury reached a dew point of 16.8 deg c ! at 1.30pm and is curently 13.8 deg c
    Eildon 12.4 deg c dew point curently
    Latrobe valley dew point curently 11.8 deg c at 2pm was 15.2 deg c
    Omeo dew point curently 12.2 deg c

  3. 22nd Oct 2013

    watervapor 22nd oct 2013

    Dew Points

    Renmark had gust of 80km/hr
    Dew points at 6.50pm 22nd OCT 2013
    Portland 13 deg c dew point
    Horsham 15.8deg c
    Melbourne 12.4 deg c
    Bendigo 16.5 deg c
    Swan hil 17.3 deg c
    Bairnsdale 14 .2 deg C
    Albury 17 deg c
    Denniliquin NSW 16 deg c
    Yarrawonga 21 deg c dew point with storm
    Khancoban dew point . 21 deg c NSW

    22nd oct 2013 Some OBSERVATIONS from SA . Severe winds parts with the wrap around low

    Adelaide airport gust of 76km/hr N/westerly just before the wind change and strong gusts after the wind change . 69km/hr at 7pm
    Mt crawford 91km/hr at 2.30pm
    Keith west 33mm in 12 hrs
    Minlaton 89 km/hr N/west gust just before the wind change line
    Renmark airport 82km/hr at 5.30pm with the westerly wrapping
    Roseworthy 93km/hr N/westerly just before the wind change line

    Some comments from weatherzone forum on this event

    posted by ‘aztech’
    absolutly copped it this morning at work (Kellidie Bay), forecast was 24km/h usually thats fine to take the boat out, but as we sat for the morning talk/plan the roof was lifting! and we called it a day, as we drove out of work 2 hours later, huge root balls were exposed from 4-5m trees damage all the way to Port Lincoln, thick healthy pine trees were snapped on the trunk, could smell fresh pine driving past, ive never seen winds like that here ever, seemed like the wrap around slung up like a punch with the isolated thin wedge of ‘severe’ winds, Wangary was totally cutoff with trees, one thing I notices was the insane difference in the average winds, although very strong, to the gusts, gusts were off the charts even on ground behind snapper hill where we were, some bad damage at Port Douglas too, they would have copped it straight on the nose, im estimating 120+ gusts, 40-50cm pines snapped like a twig on the way home, just insane

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