17th October 2013

ACCESS G forecast

Long wave trough for the eastern quadrant of Australia and a westerly belt protrusion for Victoria around Thursday 17th OCT 2013

trough 17th oct 2013 eastern australia

ACCESS suggesting a kink in the westerly belt bulges over Victoria on Thursday the 17th October2013 bringing some colder s/westerly strong winds and a rain band
The low pressure protrusion couples with a long trough running from Nth QLD all the way south to Tasmania
The trough is moving quickly toward the east coast but develops a long rain bearing band from the north of qld , through the QLD interior all the way down through central and coastal NSW and south eastern VIC
Some farmers inland on the eastern quadrant of OZ could have some well needed rain and a chance to quench some fires burning .


The thickness values

The 532 line touches s/west coastline of VICand Melbourne briefly next Thursday the 17th OCT and crosses Tasmania for low level snow!



One comment on “17th October 2013

  1. 7mm of precipitation fell as snow at Mt Buller for this event
    Snap of the toboggan run today

    mt buller web cam 17th oct 2013


    Tasmania Snow

    Report from ‘MountainH20’ Weatherzone forum

    “Hi All , More snow this morning on all the higher peaks and Organ Pipes of Mt.Wellington a result of last nights 13 mm of icy rain and winds.”

    Extreme winds

    Charlton..Mallee Gustsof 60km/hr
    Horsham ..Wimmera gusts of 78km/hr
    Melbourne airport 93km/hr
    Bendigo ..74km/hr

    Mt Buller..132km/hr

    Kilmore gap..76km/hr
    Wilsons Promontory..109km/hr


    The s/west of Vic coastal had the most rainfall all though moderate
    West Tasmania had heavy rainfall

    Dew Point

    Before the cool change there were some incredibly low dew points that l had never seen so low before

    Here is a snap of MILDURA with dew points at minus 50 deg c dew point which amounts to 0% humidity
    Amazing !!
    midura minus50 dew point

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