22nd July 2014

22nd july sst anomlay

JULY 7th 2014

july 2014 global sst

MAY 21st 2014

may 2014 global SST anomaly

APRIL 2014

april 2014 sst global anomaly UNIYSS

22nd FEB 2014

global sst feb 2nd 2014

1st DECEMBER 2013

dec 2013 sst global

2nd NOVEMBER 2013

nov2nd 2013 globsal ocean sst

5th OCTOBER 2013

oct 2013 SST anomaly


aug 2013


17 comments on “GLOBAL SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE ANOMALY 2016-2015-2014-2013-

  1. ‘Retired weatherman’on the Weather zone forum has posted an amazing correlation of sea surface temperatures from 1882 to 1892 with SST’s from 2003 to 2013

    The correlation is uncanny
    The suggestion is.. Is there a repeating pattern here?
    Time will tell.!

    enso  sst repeating pattern

    I do agree with the prediction of a cooling until the end of the year for Nino 3.4

    Here is also Volker Doormanns prediction based on Planetary influence on ocean cycles

    Volker doormann planetary tidal prediction for Nino 3.4 future

  2. I’d take those 1880’s water temps with a grain of salt. Measuring equipment was woefully inaccurate back then and who measured the ocean temps. Those charts are worthless.

  3. Hi TED. Glad u r enjoying the blog. and letting off some steam to boot
    I agree re your comments on 1882 SST’s .. Not sure where RWM got those from?

    Re: crikey’s use of the ACCESS G model
    I have followed this model for 2 years now and l am pleased with its performance..
    I would be happy to compete with any other model using ACCESS G to show it is generally underestimated by many..
    You are wrong in saying ACCESS is seldom right..

  4. FEBRUARY 22nd 2014
    Strong cold anomalies persist in the Nino 1+2 region
    Note the warm anomalies off the west USA coastline. This means the PDO( pacific decadal oscillation has gone positive.
    A positive PDO can temper the strength of any strong La Nina development

    SST's global  feb 2014

  5. Thanks toBILL ILLIS for this global SST link

    quote from BILL
    “The ocean analysis page. It updates every 6 hours.

    This website, operated by Levi Cowan, a meteorological grad student in Alaska and is featured on the Weather Channel, weatherunderground, etc very often, is one of the best weather model and tropical storm forecast sites on the net.

  6. Hi Sue,
    The plateau lives on!!! I’m grateful for all of Bob Tisdale’s hard work.
    The other side has been very busy rolling the temperature data
    trying to produce just one more hottest moment ever. Bob has been
    on them all the way like a pit bull.
    Having said this,this was a strong El Nino. I’ve also been following
    Joe Bastardi at WeatherBell. He’s been saying for a long time now,
    that the plateau El Ninos have all been followed by greater lows. We’ll
    have to wait and see if there will be more signs of the downturn (like
    that beautiful blue in the graph above).
    In my work, I’ve projected the return of the Oort minimum in the form of a
    mild version of the 1970’s cooling but lasting more than 50 years.

    Nicola Scafetta has a new paper out on the 60 year cycle. This is always
    good news. He’s calling for a minimum that bottoms out in 2030.

    I’ve put together some graphs on the 61 and 114 year cycles. If your interested
    I’ll e-mail them today.

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