Some welcome rain arriving for inland Victoria, NSW and south east QLD. Storm potential likely.

A closed low with lots of moisture centres in country south west NSW on Monday. The low is still on the mainland on Tuesday just slowly drifting south east
You can see from the map below that many will be very happy!. Good luck farmers. I think it has been dry for awhile in NSW so this could very likely be a break of that dry spell on the east coast

16th sept 2013 rain for south east Australia


8 comments on “16th… 17th of SEPTEMBER 2013.. RAIN EVENT for SOUTH EAST AUSTRALIA

  1. Some signs of potential severe weather in parts of OZ for this event
    Here is the 1km gradient winds indicating a meridonal surface flow
    Of note is the warm moist flow from the coral sea down the Queensland / NSW interior on Monday converging with the cooler air mass sourced from the southern ocean..Potential for extreme weather ..

    Looks like the main moisture source is the warm moist air from the coral sea.
    feeding into a healthy closed low centred over the south west corner of NSW on Monday morning. The eastern quadrant of the low delivers the most precipitation
    The converged warm/cool air is funnelled south down through central NSW and through Victoria
    Also of note on Monday the 16th September is the severe cold front approaching the s/west corner of WA !

    16th sept 2013 gradient winds

  2. ACCESS has reduced the rainfall in western VIC and increased the rain on the eastern quadrant of VIC and NSW.

    Here is WATL combined model rainfall forecast for Monday the 16th sept and Tuesday the 17th sept 2013

    16th and 17th sept rainfall lforecast Australia

    RAIN on the coast late Monday night into Tuesday early hours loks spectacular
    1th sept 1am rain in NSW coast

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