Northern Iceland under evacuation alert as snowstorm approaches

Weather Warning: Please Leave Iceland’s Highlands

iceland webcan shot aug 2013
Picture source
Thanks to ‘Vivian’ on Netweathertv

“The Civil Protection and Emergency Management in Iceland is preparing for the storm that is predicted to hit the country on Friday with gale force winds, heavy rain and snowfall above 200 meters (600 ft). The worst weather is expected in the northwestern part of the country…
Farmers are already heading off to the mountains to round up their sheep to prevent a similar disaster from happening as in mid-September last year when thousands of sheep were killed in an early blizzard. ”

Northern Iceland under evacuation alert as snowstorm approaches


An outstanding forum thread ***** on the upcoming Northern hemisphere is underway
You will have commentary and links to every pixel of snow that falls


Here is a snap l took of the global 200hPa layer, which incorporates the jetstreams

Of note in the NH is the development of 3 upper atmosphere low pressure cells

global jetstream aug 31 2013



One comment on “EARLY ….. ICELAND SNOWSTORM .. 2013

  1. SNOW FALL in BRAZIL may be associated with that upper low and SWW event
    as looks like it has just past Sth America..

    snow in brazil aug 2013

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 8:23 AM –

    A cold weather system brought heavy rain and snow to parts of South America over the weekend. From Peru to Paraguay and Brazil, it was a rare site to see the precipitation.

    The snow also stretched into Chile’s Atacama desert, known as one of the world’s driest areas.

    Residents of San Pedro de Atacama say the weekend snow was the heaviest in three decades for the desert city, which is 1,200 kilometres north of the capital, Santiago.

    While amusing for visitors, local officials say they are concerned that the snow and rain could cause some rivers to flood.

    The national tourism office says the road to San Pedro de Atacama was temporarily blocked due to the unusual weather.

    A few mudslides were reported and heavy machinery was brought in to clear some highways.

    This recent blast of snow has some people wondering if it’s the result of climate change, stating it’s hard to dispute when it’s snowing in a desert.

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