2013 ..LA NINA spatial pattern

map and anomaly from UNISYS
August 2013 Pacific ocean ..La Nina spatial pattern




3 comments on “2013 ..LA NINA spatial pattern

  1. Here is the global temperature anomaly forecast for early October
    I couldn’t help but notice the cool anomaly in the east pacific near nino 1 and 2 and the cool anomaly off the North west coast of WA

    global temp anomlay oct 2013

    The cool anomaly in the N/west of WA mayu be associated with strengthening positive IOD
    and the cool anomaly in the east pacific may assist in maintaing the cool side of neutral for ENSO. Still considering the prospect of cooling in Nina 3.4 until Jan 2014

  2. The MSLP (surface pressure) pattern has changed over Australia
    This is the first week of October 2013 ..BOM .. MSLP

    I thought the low pressure troughing in the northern quadrant has appeared very early and wondered if this is a sign of an early wetseason?

    The westerly belt is also quite far north likely due to a period of negative SAM/AAO
    The high pressure belt is squeezed between the two

    I have marked the tropical troughing with pink lines and the periphery of the westerly belt in purple

    Definitely a change in surface pressure pattern

    mslp Australia oct 2013

  3. NOVEMBER 2013 has arrived and the La Nina spatial pattern continues

    Here is a picture posted by ‘coldfront’ on weatherzone showing the ocean currents associated with the east pacific.
    Still lots of upwelling and cold anomalies along the sth American coast and nino 1+2

    ocean currents 2013 east pacific

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