10th …. 15th August 2013. …………………. General overview .Weather Forecast for Australia

10th – 15th .. AUGUST 2013
12th August 2013

The High pressure is dominant over the Australian mainland for the mid August

Sunny days and clear skies for the inland parts and some cool nights as heat from the day escapes away from the land surface

The low pressure belt continues to skim past the southern mainland coast.
Bringing periods of cloud .

RAIN for VICTORIA on Monday the 12th August as a wave of the low pressure belt crosses all of the VIC mainland

and ANOTHER RAINBAND crossing over all of VICTORIA on Wednesday the 14th August

    The Wednesday rain band is colder than the Monday rain band

and will bringing the 532 thickness layer( very cold air mass) up over many parts of VIC
This will bring low level SNOW to VICTORIA and snow on the VIC snowfields
and low level snow to TASMANIA

TASMANIA looks a bit windy and wet this week as the westerly low pressure belt persists

The rest of the mainland looks like fair and stable weather


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