AUGUST 5th – 10th 2013. Forecast for Australia ..Highlights

ACCESS Forecast for Australia 4th to 10th August 2013

High pressure dominates the Australian mainland for the first week of August 2013. Good to see the high pressure belt centring a bit further north this week
The Westerly belt is a little more undulating this week allowing areas of low pressure to swipe the southern mainland
A moderate moist tropical infeed continues to trickle south into the westerly belt near S/west WA just boosting moisture levels for the southern mainland


Tuesday an undulation of the westerly belt clips Victoria giving a rainband from the s/west Vic that passes across the state from west to east during the day


Wednesday and Thursday (7th/8th August) the low pressure belt clips s/west WA
and likely to give a decent rainband and storm activity I that corner


A decent tropical infeed drops south from the coral sea later this week ( Thursday) and combines with a low/ trough in the tasman.A decent mid- latitude closed low forms in the TASMAN sea
System heading for the north NZ island maybe?
This happened last week as well.


With the 544 thickness line over much of Victoria and eastern NSW this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. and precipitation likely from the westerly belt. VERY LIKELY for snow on the ski fields


Additionally to the post above ACCESS G is muting a severe wind event on parts of the southern mainland
Wednesday afternoon (the 7th August) and through to Thursday t the s/west corner of WA has severe winds

Thursday the 8th August and into Friday the 9th . South east SA and western quadrant of VIC and central metropolitan Melbourne look to experience some strong N/westerly winds as a bulge in the westerly low pressure belt clips the southern mainland. THe winds look to develop ahead of the trough. … fresh+View

This snap captures the position of the proximity of the strong winds

As an aside.
Note the massive tropical low entering the TASMAN sea from the equatorial coral sea.
.I have noted that there have been a few of these tropical systems dropping down from the Pacific ocean in the past weeks equatorial area and dropping south.
THe one on this image below a second of 2 decending this week
Incredable strength in both of them and abundant moisture
Quite meridonal as the tropical streams take a dive well into the southern latitudes. THey incorporate none of the mid-latitude high pressure stream which l found unusual.
The form of these tropical lows seem quite independent..

THey are not like the summer cyclones with the N/west infeeds. THey are fed by tropical streams from the NORTH EAST

See diagram here


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